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Orthopaedics at the U of T has a long tradition of developing innovative treatment approaches, performing research of the highest quality, developing new education programs, and providing clinical care of the highest quality possible. We are leaders in the field, and our faculty members play leadership roles nationally, and internationally. Read more »

Division Chairs for Orthopaedics - University of Toronto Orthopaedic Chairs 1976 - Today.
From left to right - Ben Alman (2006-Today), James Waddell (1996-2006), Robert Salter (1976-1986), Allan Gross (1986-1996).

Toronto East General Hospital



Toronto East General Hospital is a community hospital located at 825 Coxwell Avenue in Toronto, Ontario, in the former borough of East York.
The hospital has 381 acute care beds, as well as 13 rehabilitation and 75 complex continuing care beds. The hospital has a very busy emergency room that deals with over 60,000 emergency room visits and more than 19,000 in-patient admissions annually.


There are six orthopaedic surgeons currently working at TEGH, along with 2 semiretired senior orthopaedic surgeons and a clinical associate. We deal with a large variety of community based orthopaedic problems including Adult Reconstructive Surgery of the upper and lower extemity as well as an adundance of traumatic injuries for the Adult and Pediatric population of our catchment area. We are actively involved in the teaching program for the University of Toronto, Department of Sugery, Division of Orthopaedics. We normally have between 3 and 4 residents at the hospital. We offer clinical electives to medical students and have an active fellowship program, consisting of between 1-2 fellows annually.

Division Head: Peter J. Weiler


Website: http://www.tegh.on.ca/bins/index.asp