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Orthopaedics at the U of T has a long tradition of developing innovative treatment approaches, performing research of the highest quality, developing new education programs, and providing clinical care of the highest quality possible. We are leaders in the field, and our faculty members play leadership roles nationally, and internationally. Read more »

Division Chairs for Orthopaedics - University of Toronto Orthopaedic Chairs 1976 - Today.
From left to right - Ben Alman (2006-Today), James Waddell (1996-2006), Robert Salter (1976-1986), Allan Gross (1986-1996).

Clinical Rotations

The training programme is individualized for each trainee by the Director of Postgraduate Education. The rotations vary in length between two and six months. Each trainee is interviewed twice yearly by the Chairman of the Orthopaedic Division and the Director of Postgraduate Education. These interviews are to inform the trainee of his progress, evaluations received from directors of their rotations, and to obtain the trainee's feedback with regard to the value of the completed rotations.

The generic training programme would consist of the following rotations:

PGY-l: Two month rotations in the following: general surgery / emergency medicine / intensive care / internal medicine. Six month rotation in adult orthopaedics

PGY-2: Three month rotations in the following: paediatric orthopaedic surgery / orthopaedic oncology and pathology / hand or plastic surgery / spine or neurosurgery / ICU / General Surgery

PGY-3/PGY-4/PGY-5: These 36 months are divided into 6 six month rotations, one of which will be spent at the Hospital for Sick Children and the other five in various adult hospitals. Amongst the many hospitals affiliated with the University of Toronto, seven offer postgraduate training in orthopaedic surgery. All of these hospitals provide general orthopaedic training, but have an area of subspecialization related to the particular clinical skills and interests of the attending staff. The trainee will not rotate through all hospitals, but will rotate through a sufficient number to provide an adequate cross-section of all aspects of adult and paediatric orthopaedic surgery. Rotations can be arranged to accommodate special interests of the trainee.