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Toronto East General Hospital

Toronto East General Hospital

Number of Positions:
3 per year

1 year

Toronto East General Hospital


Dr. Peter Weiler
Dr. William Kraemer
Dr. Paul Wong
Dr. Melanio Catre

This is a one year fellowship in General Orthopaedic Surgery with a very strong focus on lower extremity arthroplasty and reconstruction. The Toronto East General Hospital is a community-based hospital with a strong affiliation with the University of Toronto. The hospital is located in the Community of East York which has affordable housing for rent. The hospital also has close proximity to the downtown core with easy access using public transportation (subway).

Elective Surgical Volume Breakdown:

  • 65% hip and knee arthoplasty including primary arthroplasty, revision arthroplasty, unicondylar knee replacements, hip resurfacing and some MIS arthroplasty
  • 15% knee arthroscopy and ACL reconstruction
  • 5% general foot and ankle surgery
  • 10% spine surgery
  • 5% upper extremity (shoulder) surgery both open and arthroscopic
Core Responsibilities:
Trainees will be permitted to determine amongst themselves which operating theatre to attend on any given day. Trainees are expected to attend the operating theatre 4 days per week and the fracture clinic one day per week. Fellows are often provided with autonomy while working in the fracture clinic based on experience. Within the theatre, Fellow trainees will be permitted to be either primary surgeon, or the first assistant depending upon the complexity of the case as well as presence or absence of resident trainees.

Trauma and On-Call Requirements:
Fellows will be expected to periodically either assist with or occasionally independently manage fracture cases during the day. On call evening responsibilities are minimal, perhaps up to 10 evenings of call for the entire year. This is dependent upon resident availability.

Orthopaedic Rounds and Teaching:
Fellows are encouraged to attend the weekly educational rounds at TEGH for both educational and teaching purposes. Fellows are expected to assist the surgeons with the education of more junior trainees both in and out of the operating theatre. Fellows are also permitted to attend the orthopaedic-related educational opportunities offered through the University of Toronto including City Wide Rounds, University Rounds, and Grand Surgical Rounds.

As part of the Fellowship Program, it is expected that the Fellows actively participate in research and academic activities. Research projects will be supervised by one or more of the orthopaedic surgeons. Fellows will have at their disposal a joint registry data base as well as an archive of patient charts and radiography. Fellows are encouraged to formalize research projects at the beginning of the fellowship with the aim of obtaining a publication by the end of the academic year.

There are 6 active orthopaedic consultants at the Toronto East General Hospital. Fellows will be expected to work with all 6 consultants during the academic year. Fellows will not be assigned to any particular consultant. All six consultants have a variety of elective subspecialty interests (please refer to Elective Volume List above).

Attn: Dr. William Kraemer, Fellowship Coordinator
Division of Orthopaedic Surgery
Toronto East General Hospital
Fax: 416-483-8856 
Email: wkrae@tegh.on.ca

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